PLEASE NOTE: the NYJE has an expanded instrumentation. There are three alto saxes and three tenor saxes who all have performing chairs. Also, there are two performing chairs for piano, guitar, and bass, and three for drums/percussion.

Nashville Youth Jazz Ensemble
2019-2020 Audition Results
Alto Sax 1 Jason Zhu
Alto Sax 2 Riley Trauscht
Alto Sax 3 Cole Arias
Alto Sax alternate 1 Nilabh  Saksena
Alto Sax alternate 2 Bryce Christenson
Tenor Sax 1 Jacob Kitchen
Tenor Sax 2 Ben Earl
Tenor Sax 3 Landon Frayser
Tenor Sax alternate 1 Brennan Wagner
Tenor Sax alternate 2 Brendan Gutierrez
Bari Sax Bryce Christenson
Bari Sax alternate Isaiah Guidry
Trumpet 1 Jett Mills
Trumpet 2 Darius Derakhshan
Trumpet 3 Ryan Wilson
Trumpet 4 Maya Hall
Trombone 1 Jack Phillips
Trombone 2 Laynie Thomas
Trombone 3 ?  
Trombone 4 ?  
Piano 1 Tyler Bullock II
Piano 2 Brysom Ingram
Guitar 1 Jonah Jaisen
Guitar 2 Nick Chun
Bass 1 Parker Bakkall
Bass 2 Gus Kohler
Drums 1 Andrew Ledford
Drums 2 Sam Campbell
Drums 3 William Gu

Audition Materials

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